Assembling A Team

I am not a superhero.

As much as I wish I was, it’s the sad truth that was evidenced by my campaign last year. My two most successful causes last year were the causes in which I was part of a team. Obviously the strength in numbers aspect was the main reason they were the most successful, but even so, I raised more money on an individual level those two months than I did for any other cause.

So I’ve taken that lesson to heart this year, which is why I’m actively recruiting for my Extra-Life team, Yabba Dabba DOOM!

Last year, my team of three people raised a little over $2,000, with the majority of that coming on Game Day. This year, in getting a ten-month head start, I’m confident that we can blow that number out of the water. There are already four of us on board, and others have been invited to join.

What are the perks of joining?
-ALL proceeds go to the team’s chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospital (Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, in our case).
-You get to play all day, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!
-If you pay the $15 for the Platinum registration (you can upgrade to this at any time) you get a t-shirt, and medals if you raise enough money (there is free registration, too, but you don’t get the schwag out of it).
-You get to help prove to the world that gamers are awesome, and we’re not just the basement-dwelling, neckbearded-virgin-albino-trolls that pop-culture wants the world to believe.
-I’m brainstorming things for my team, like group gaming sessions with pizza and beer and stuff.
-And most importantly, by doing this, you are making a direct and positive impact for sick and injured children.

If you’re not in the Pittsburgh region and want to do Extra-Life, but support a different hospital, do it! Start or join a team in your area. There’s a big list of hospitals that benefit from this. The hospital that ends up receiving the most donations also gets a big bonus prize. Last year, they got a Diablo III prize pack from Blizzard, which I believe included installing a complete game room.

So if you like gaming, be it video, board, or card, and you want to help sick kids, join my team or a team in your local area! It DOES make a difference!


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