I’m Going Swimming

So I just realized that I’ve completely failed so far to explain on here what I’m doing this month.

$100 and I have to eat sushi. I’ve never eaten sushi, but I generally don’t like fish, and just the thought of eating it raw makes my tummybox do jumping jacks.

$500 and I have to rock old-school muttonchops for the month of February. I’ve been growing my beard out to get a head start so that it will look appropriately ridiculous when I shave the goatee area.

$1000 and I have to do a Polar Plunge into the Ohio River here in Pittsburgh. In case you hadn’t noticed, this is the coldest winter we’ve had in about three decades, and I REALLY hate being cold. Bad experiences in the Army.

So within the past half-hour, I’ve surpassed my $1000 goal for the month, thanks in very large part to one of my generous Battle Buddies from the Army. Now I’ve got to start planning and getting the pieces into place so that I can survive my foray into the frigid waters. I will update you all with a day and time so you can come watch and laugh at the stupid things I do for charity!


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