Number One!

A month and a half into 2014, and my team for Extra-Life, Yabba Dabba Doom!, is ranked first globally! This is pretty awesome and exciting! There is still eight months and change to go, and the vast majority of players and teams haven’t even registered yet, but still! If we can keep this pace, we can conservatively hit $12,000 by gameday, which should be top 25 material. To my knowledge, top teams and fundraisers don’t get anything but bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing they raised a LOT of money for sick kids. And to me, that is infinitely cooler than any trophy, medal, certificate, or physical prize. I’ve already surpassed the amount needed for maximum schwag from Extra-Life, and I don’t plan on keeping it because I got the same things last near and I don’t need to start a collection. Some lucky, generous donors will be receiving a t-shirt or a medal around this time next year.

It’s great to be number one. But it’s all because of you guys, and it’s all about the kids. Thank you all so much, and please, keep it coming!


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