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Danica’s Story

I promised to occasionally share the stories of kids who are dealing with illnesses, or people who dealt with illnesses when they were kids. I’m happy today to share with you the story of my friend, Danica. She’s a Penn … Continue reading

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Lot Of Ins, Outs, and What-Have-Yous

Hi there. First, you get cool points if you get the title reference. Second, I apologize for once again leaving a huge gap inbetween posts. Life being life, frequently updating this hasn’t been my highest priority. My bad, yo. Now … Continue reading

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Completed Challenges, What’s Up For March?

Sorry for the gap between posts, folks. There have been a lot of unexpected moving parts going on in my real life. This past week, I finally got to get together with people to complete my remaining challenge from January: … Continue reading

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Number One!

A month and a half into 2014, and my team for Extra-Life, Yabba Dabba Doom!, is ranked first globally! This is pretty awesome and exciting! There is still eight months and change to go, and the vast majority of players … Continue reading

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The Plunge

This past Sunday at around 12:13pm, I ambled into the frigid depths of the Ohio River, thus fulfilling my $1000 promise from the month of January. The snow on the shore burned my feet as I walked to the water. … Continue reading

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February’s Challenges

I apologize for the tardiness in getting my new challenges posted. I was in the boonies of receptionless West Virginia over the weekend, where I managed to gracelessly fall down some stairs and injure myself. Nothing major, but I am … Continue reading

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Promise Kept

I’m going away for the weekend and running water will be scarce, so I got a one-day head start on the muttonchops. One promise down. Still coordinating a sushi gathering and polar plunge. Stay tuned!

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I’m Going Swimming

So I just realized that I’ve completely failed so far to explain on here what I’m doing this month. $100 and I have to eat sushi. I’ve never eaten sushi, but I generally don’t like fish, and just the thought … Continue reading

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Ideas, Expansions, and Progress

January is almost over. So far this month, I’m up to $510, which means I will have to eat sushi (my tummybox is doing summersaults at the mere idea), and wear muttonchops for the entirety of February. I already have … Continue reading

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Today is the third anniversary of my nephew’s death. His name was Christian Liam Connelly, and he was three days shy of turning 10. You can read more about him in my first post. I briefly mentioned his character and … Continue reading

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